Any adrenaline lover or a fan of circuit racing can participate in the endurance races on the Green Hell. The average number of participants at each stage is 170 cars. Cars are crewed by 2 up to 4 riders with race durations from 4 up to 6 hours, up to the legendary Nurburgring 24H.

This is a unique experience and, more importantly, a real test for any driver! You can become a participant without buying or building your own car. You can use car rental services and choose one of the available cars which are already well prepared for a meeting with Nordschleife and its championships.

GLP Championship:

This race consists of 12 laps and can be considered a time-attack. The trick is that the winner is not the one who showed the fastest time, but the one who drove the most consistently during all 12 laps – the lesser your time gap the better. In order to participate in this race you have to have a car with German licence plate and a helmet for each participant. One team has to have two drivers, who must be switched during the time for refueling gas tank.

Available cars: Ford Fiesta St, Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 1 and 2, Alfa 156, Seat Leon Cupra, Bmw 330 Coupe’, BMW 325i BMW 330CISwift Sport

Racing dates:

06.04.2019 GLP – Race 1
04.05.2019 GLP – Race 2
18.05.2019 GLP – Race 3
06.07.2019 GLP – Race 4
17.08.2019 GLP – Race 5 Bilster Berg
24.08.2019 GLP – Race 6
05.10.2019 GLP – Race 7



RCN Championship:

RCN Championship is a more advanced racing series – here the cars are divided into classes, and the drivers definitely have to be familiar with the circuit. To participate in this race you have to have a racing licence and FIA approved racing attire, including special racing shoes. This race includes 15 laps, 4 of which you have to drive during certain time and 11 at your maximal speed. The race can be undertaken with one or two drivers with possibility to be switched either halfway or when filling the fuel tank.

Available cars: Seat Leon Cupra, Honda Civic Type R, BMW 325i

Racing dates:

30.03.2019 RCN – Test day (Nordschleife + GP)
06.04.2019 RCN – Race 1
04.05.2019 RCN – Race 2
18.05.2019 RCN – Race 3 (Nordschleife + GP)
20.06.2019 RCN – Race 4
06.07.2019 RCN – Race 5
04.08.2019 RCN – Race 6 Spa Francorchamps
24.08.2019 RCN – Race 7
21.09.2019 RCN – Race 8 (3h – Nordschleife + GP)
06.10.2019 RCN – Race 9

We offer all-inclusive packages for every available car.

The following services are included in the price:
Car rental;
Fuel (for GLP races only 1*tank)

The price does not include the cost of fixing any car damage.

To find out the actual price, please contact us by phone +7 343 202 60 33